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Rural Living Issues


The number of small acreage landowners in Wyoming is growing rapidly due to the increasing popularity of rural living. Natrona County is no exception to this rural growth, with ever-increasing subdivision of farmlands and large acreages. With this growth comes questions regarding how to manage small acreages.  While large acreage land owners can get financial and technical assistance to improve water delivery, improve grazing practices and implement best management practices to reduce erosion and run off pollution, small acreage landowners do not have these same resources.


There are approximately 2,920 agricultural and residential acreages, ranging from two to forty acres, with addressed structures in Natrona County’s portion of the Middle North Platte Watershed. These acreages cover approximately 37,487 acres (58.6 square miles) or 2.8% of the total 1,351,680 acres (2,112 square miles) in the Middle North Platte Watershed.  In the immediate Casper, Mills, Evansville, Bar Nunn urban and rural area, including the rural developments near Bates Creek area, of approximately 500,000 acres, these small acreage parcels account for approximately 10% of the total acreage. In order to manage the land and the natural resources that we are vested with, Natrona County Conservation District provides the community with educational resources and links to answer the common questions that come with rural living.


Below you will find links to several topics of interest to rural acreage land-owners.