Natrona County Conservation District

"Locally-led Conservation of Water, Soil & Natural Resources"

Planting Polymer

Planting polymer (Hydrosource) is also Available from NCCD for $5.00 for a 12 ounce bag (enough to fill four 5-gallon buckets – and plant a lot of trees!). This polymer is also great for houseplants.




Do you need weed barrier for under your trees?  CLICK HERE for information.


Conservation Trees & Shrubs

The 2019 Seedling Tree Season is now over.  The NCCD sold over 8,000 trees this year!  

Our nursery offers seedling trees from 18" to 6' tall with nicely developed root balls, perfect for starting a windbreak, shelterbelt or living snow fence. Natrona County Conservation District's Seedling Tree & Shrub Program provides affordable yet quality tree and shrub stock for planting effective living windbreaks and erosion control barriers in rural areas and on small acreages.  Non-potted seedling trees cost between $1.00 to $2.20 per tree!  Trees are sold in bundles of 10 or 25 depending upon the size of the tree ordered.

Tree orders for arrival in May of 2020 will begin in October of 2019.  Please utilize the contact us link to get on the email list for the new tree order form. 

In May of 2019, NCCD sold over 8,000 seedling trees & shrubs for conservation purposes.  While most trees and shrubs are sold as "bare-root" (as shown below), we do offer some potted species.  These sell out quickly, so you have to order early!

Shelterbelts Booklet

NCCD, with assistance from a Wyoming Department of Agriculture Grant, has published a "Shelterbelts" booklet.  It has information regarding tree selection and how to design a shelterbelt, whether it is to be used as a living snow fence, a windbreak, or a wildlife or stock shelter.  To download a copy, CLICK HERE.  If you would like a hard copy, please CONTACT US and we will mail you one!

Here are some valuable resources to assist you in your selection, as well as planting information: 

Wyoming Tree Owner's Manual - Wyoming State Forestry


Trees for Conservation
: a buyers guide - Colorado State Forest Service


Trees for Wyoming - UW Ag Extension


Shrubs for Wyoming - UW Ag Extension


Selection Information - The information links below were borrowed from other sites on the internet.  In an effort to do the research for you, we have provided information on every species that we can order through our nursery in alphabetical order. The nursery has changes in availability of some species each year.  Check the most up to date order form for availability!



    Cherry, Black

    Cherry, Nanking

    Cherry, Pin

    Cherry, Sand

    Chokeberry, Black

    Chokecherry, Amur

    Chokecherry, Common

    Cotoneaster, Pekin

    Cottonwood, Native

    Cottonwood, Siouxland

    Crabapple, Dolgo

    Crabapple, Midwest Manchurian

    Crabapple, Red Splendor

    Crabapple, Siberian


    Currant, Black 'Riverview'

    Currant, Golden (Clove)

    Dogwood, Gray

    Dogwood, Redosier

    Dogwood, Silky 'Indigo'

    Elderberry, American

    Elm, Siberian

    Hackberry, Northern

    Hackberry, Oahe


    Honeylocust, Thornless

    Honeysuckle, Freedom

    Indigo, False


    Lilac, Common

    Lilac, Legacy Villosa

    Linden, American

    Linden, Littleleaf

    Maple, Amur

    Maple, Northern Sugar

    Maple, Red

    Maple, Silver


    Oak, Bur

    Oak, Red

    Oak, Swamp White

    Pear, McDermand Ussarian

    Plum, American

    Plum, Prairie Red

    Poplars, Hybrid

    Rose, Hansen Hedge

    Rose, Woods


    Sumac, Aromatic

    Sumac, Skunkbush

    Sumac, Smooth

    Sumac, Staghorn

    Walnut, Black

    Willow, Golden

    Willow, Laurelleaf

    Willow, Peachleaf

    Willow, Sandbar

    Willow, Sharpleaf



    Bittersweet, American

    Grape, Riverbank



    Cedar, Eastern Red

    Juniper, Rocky Mountain

    Pine, Eastern White

    Pine, Ponderosa

    Pine, Scotch

    Spruce, Black Hills

    Spruce, Colorado Blue




"Sweating" Information - Some species are best "Sweated".

Know What's Below

Dial "811" before you dig!

Landowners/Operators are responsible for giving at least two work days advance notice to the Wyoming One Call system (800-849-2476 or 811) prior to any excavation project (including gardening, planting, fencing, etc).  It is a free service to protect you from injury or costly damage to utilities (for which you can be held liable).

For more information, click here.