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Success in the North Platte 
River Watershed!!

In 1998, the North Platte River was added to the 303(d) List due to excess selenium loading. In 2014, twelve years of water quality data collected by the NCCD was presented to WDEQ for evaluation to determine if the North Platte River was meeting the chronic selenium criteria (<5 mcg/L) as required by US EPA.  The WDEQ recommended an additional two years of more intense sampling, with a total of five sampling locations along the stretch of the North Platte River as it runs through Natrona County and the City of Casper.  In “Wyoming’s Draft 2016/2018 Integrated 303(d) Report”, the WDEQ recommended that the segment of the North Platte River from the confluence with Muddy Creek upstream to the confluence with Poison Spider Creek be moved from the 303(d) List to Category 2 in 2018.  The US EPA accepted this recommendation, and as of September of 2018, this section of the North Platte River was removed from the 303(d) report!

This is a huge success for the residents of both the City of Casper and Natrona County.  

The health of the river is improving, with less selenium loading than in previous years. This helps to improve habitat for aquatic life, enhance water quality for wildlife and livestock as well as for residents and visitors who recreate on the North Platte River.

There is still work to be done in the watershed. Still listed on the 303(d) List as impaired for selenium are Casper Creek, Poison Spider Creek, Poison Spring Creek, Oregon Trail Drain, and four ponds and reservoirs. The NCCD will continue to focus on BMPs that will minimize the migration of selenium within our watershed utilizing grant awards, through partnerships and leadership in watershed health issues.

The NCCD is proud to have been a part of the de-listing process, along with landowners, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the City of Casper, Natrona County Commissioners, and Casper Alcova Irrigation District (CAID).


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