Natrona County Conservation District

"Locally-led Conservation of Water, Soil & Natural Resources"

Natrona County Conservation District
5880 Enterprise Drive, Suite 100
Casper, WY  82609
307-261-5436, Ext. 4
What Does the Conservation District Do?


The Natrona County Conservation District plays a major role as a steward of the conservation of naturalresources. Since the use of natural resources is such an integral part of our economy and culture, the Conservation District must focus not only on our natural resources, but also on the people and communities who are dependent upon them. Natural resources include, but are not limited to, soil, water, air, trees, forest, grasses/rangelands, wildlife and agriculture.

Natrona County Conservation District works closely with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, Natrona County Weed & Pest, the University of Wyoming, and many others, to ensure that wise practices are utilized in farming, ranching and range management. Agriculture bases its very existence on sustainable use of our natural resources, while the world's human population bases its existence on sustainable agriculture.

The District's responsibility is to provide leadership in, and implementation of natural resource management programs, which will encourage improved stewardship of all resources as well as enhance the environmental quality of our surroundings.


Water Quality, Conservation & Management

  • Serve as a leader in Watershed Planning efforts
        throughout the county.
  • Serve as a leader in Watershed Implementation efforts
        throughout the county.
  • Minimize damage and erosion in Natrona County from
        storm water and decrease storm water pollution.

Range Management & Quality

  • Monitor conversion of agricultural lands.
  • Promote use of bio-solids for soil enhancement.
  • Reduce soil erosion throughout Natrona County.
  • Preserve and promote healthy habitat for wildlife.
  • Coordinate with and assist county partners to control
        prairie dog growth.

Public Education & Outreach

  • Educate Public Regarding Water Quality, Conservation
        and Management.
  • Range Management & Conservation Education.
  • Adult Education and Outreach.
  • Youth Education and Outreach.
  • Educate elected officials and leaders.